How To Find A Reliable Real Estate Agency In London

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When looking for a real estate agency, it is always good to look for the best. However, it can become a daunting task choosing the best real estate agency in London as there are very many agencies. Regardless of whether you are a seller or a buyer, the tips below will help you find the best real estate agency in London:

Contact previous clients

It is usually a good idea to ask real estate agencies for a list of what they have listed and sold in the past year together with contact information of previous clients. Before contacting previous clients, ask if anyone will be pleased or disappointed with the services offered by a certain real estate agency.


Research how long the agent has been in the market. A real estate agency that has been in business for less than 5 years will only be learning on you and that may not be good. A good agency demonstrates knowledge of the area and homes in your price range.


Most of the agencies have been able to stay in business because clients who were satisfied with their services referred them to family, friends, neighbours and coworkers. Therefore, it may be a good idea to ask people around you the agency they have used before and also ask about their experiences with the agency.

Reliable agents value customer satisfaction and try as much as they can to satisfy the needs of their clients. Look for an agency that goes above and beyond its responsibilities and one that is praised by your close friends, family members, neighbours or coworkers.

Attending open houses

Open houses enable you to interact with real estate agencies. When you go to open to open houses ensure that you ask the agencies for their business cards. If you are planning to sell your home, pay close attention to how the agency is showing homes.

Are the agents polite and informative or are they ignoring you? Do they appear knowledgeable? Are they professional? The answers to these questions will help you choose the best real estate agency in London.

Recommendations from professionals
Another good way of finding the best professionals in London is by asking other real estate agents for referrals. Why? Agents are usually happy to refer sellers or buyers to associates especially if the services you are looking for is not a specialty of the agent referring you.

Keep in mind that some agents deal with residential properties while others only work with new home builders. Others only sell investment or commercial property. Mortgage brokers can also help you find a good real estate agency as they have first-hand knowledge of reliable agencies.